The 5 Most Used Types of Business Websites. Which Is The Best Fit For You?

The 5 Most Used Types of Business Websites. Which Is The Best Fit For You?
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Millions of websites serve billions of users today, and it is a must to have a website that represents your business to put you ahead of your competition. It can increase your brand awareness and outlast unprecedented events. For example, Covid-19 made many companies that didn’t have an online presence go bankrupt.

So, choosing the right type of business website can provide you with benefits that can make your business thrives, run more efficiently, and better serve your customers. In this post, you will learn 5 of the most used types and their main features so that you can decide which better fits your business.

Let's start by reviewing each type:

1. Business Website


This type of website is to educate your visitors about your company and raise your online presence and your customer’s confidence in doing business with your company.

Your visitors can learn about the objective, services, and recent news related to your business, as well they can also reach your business through the contact page with your business phone number, contact form, or a live chat.

So far, the business website has the following features:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Raise visitors’ confidence in your company
  • Inform your business’ purpose

2. e-Commerce Website


An e-Commerce Website is where you can sell digital or physical products online to your customer. It has a catalog of products where your clients can view and add items to a cart which later they will check out, and you will either ship the physical product or share a link where they can download the digital ones.

If your business has buyable products, an e-commerce website will generate more profit and make your customers reach your business from the comfort of their homes.

Ecommerce Website’s Features:

  • Make your business have an online global storefront
  • Generate profits from your tangible or digital products
  • Customers can place orders from the comfort of their homes

3. Landing Page


A Landing Page will be a single page dedicated to promoting a product or a service. A customer can visit this page through google ads, social media posts, emails, or any form of marketing.

The priority of this page is to make your visitor do an action like buying a product or signing up for your emailing list converting your visitors into clients or leads.

Landing Page’s features:

  • Best way to promote a product
  • Perfect for converting visitors into leads
  • Tailored to make your visitors take an action

4. Membership Website


This website requires visitors to sign up to access premium resources such as video courses, posts, live streaming, and so on. Some membership websites attract visitors by providing free content or a trial for a short time.

The premium subscription could be charged weekly, monthly, yearly, or as a one-time payment. This kind of website can provide you with a steady source of income that can grow the more subscribers you get.

Membership Website key features:

  • Premium users have access to exclusive content
  • It can provide a predictable source of income

5. Portfolio Website


A portfolio website shares some features with the business website. Individuals mostly use it or creative businesses such as design agencies to exhibit their expertise to visitors.

It should contain a contact page where visitors can reach you, a testimonial page where visitors read your clients’ feedback, and a gallery page showcasing your projects.

Portfolio website’s key features:

  • Used mainly by individuals and creative agencies
  • Display your work to get more clients or get hired

In conclusion, you can get more clients, generate income, and increase your online presence with a business website, so choosing the right type is essential. Sometimes a combination is needed to cover all aspects of your business, or a single one could suffice.

The best fit for your business will go along with your business strategy and make your business thrives for many years. So, which will you choose?

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