Servicell Wireless Repair Dashboard

Servicell Wireless Repair Dashboard

Web Application


Servicell is a business that sells electronic equipment to its customers such as phones, Bluetooth speakers, and more. In addition, it also provides repair services for such equipment so its clients can enjoy their devices for a prolonged time. is an order management system that employees can use to track, edit, and print orders. A reliable, and more efficient way to handle their customer orders.

The company faces some problems with written orders mentioning one of them: after three months the orders were stacked into cabinets making the search longer; when one of those orders was needed it took a large amount of time for an employee to find it.

The order management system which I developed for them, as a benefit to their business got more efficient and employees could spend more time working on their roles. Their employee has all the data about the order at reception, with no need to search for the written order. And the business owner instead of having a cabinet filled with orders. He has a database on the cloud.

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